Past Presentations

  • May 17 2021 - Phosphate Strip Mining, Fertilizer Production and What It Means for Floridians - Brooks Armstrong

Phosphate and Wildflowers

  • Apr 19  2021 - Histories & Mysteries of the Cabbage Palm – Jono Miller

The Palmetto Book

  • Mar 15 2021 - Lost Old-growth Forests: When Will we see the Forest and the Trees?  Kate Borduas

 Lost Old-growth Forrests

  • Feb 15  2021 - Community Playbook for Clean Waterways Jennifer Shafer, Science and Environmental Council

Community Playbook for Clean Waterways

  • Jan 18 2021 - Aquatic Butterfly Gardening, Sean Patton, Stocking Savvy

Aquatic Butterfly Gardening

  • Nov. 16  2020  - Native Plant Gardening 101 and Beyond, Tom Heitzman, Sweet Bay Nursery

Native Plant Gardening

  • Oct. 19 2020 - Conserving Habitat Forever, Debi Osborne, Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast

Conserving Habitat Forever


The mission of the Florida Native Plant Society is to promote the preservation, conservation, and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida.